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Week Beginning 3.6.24

This week we've been making Mayan artefacts in art using air drying clay.

It was messy but fun!

Year 6 know what to do in a crisis!

This week we completed a basic first aid course with a visitor.

We know what to do if we find someone unconscious on the floor.

D - Check for Danger

R - Is the person Responsive if we call their name or ask them to open their eyes?

A - Airway - we put one hand on their forehand, another on their chin and tip their head back to make sure the airway is clear.

B - We put our ear to their mouth and look at their chest to see if they are Breathing. If breathing is steady then the heart is working and oxygen is getting to the brain.

C - If they are not breathing then we need to start CPR! Chest Compressions!


We also learned how to use a defibrillator and practised with training ones.

Don't worry! They tell you exactly what to do and check if the heart is beating before telling you to press the shock button.

They won't shock someone with a healthy heart!

Week beginning 20.5.24

This week in maths we have been collecting data and representing it using bar charts.

We had to make sure we drew neat, accurate bar charts that were titles correctly so anyone could read them.

Week Beginning 13.5.24




Well done to everyone in Year 6 this week for completing their SATS.

You all worked incredibly hard!


Results will be published with your child's report in July.

Week Beginning 7.5.24

In Science this week we started looking at different types of fossils. 

We recognised that fossils are the remains of animals and plants.

We looked at the formation of 4 different types of fossils:

trace fossils, resin fossils, mold fossils and body fossils.

Week beginning 29.4.24

This week in geography we have been looking at the mountain ranges of South America.

We made fact files all about The Andes.

Have a look at some of our wonderful work!

Week Beginning 15.4.24

We all returned to school refreshed and rejuvenated after our Easter break!


This week we started our new Geography Topic about South America.

We found out answers to 5 important questions:

1. What is South America?

2. What countries are in South America?

3. How big is South America?

4. Which seas and oceans surround South America?

5. What languages are spoken in South America?


We used an atlas to to label all the countries in South America on a map. Some of us even found and labelled the capital city for each country too!

How many can you remember?