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WB 11.12.23


This week, the children in Cypress and Cedar classes completed their futuristic pieces of artwork based on the work of Teis Albers. Here are just a few:


WB 4.12.23


This week we have been really busy practising our Christmas songs ready for the performance in the last week.


In English, we have started to plan Space stories - the children are being so creative; they have really impressed us.


In Maths, we are still working our way through fractions! Lots of adding this week and then moving onto subtracting fractions next week. The children have shown great resilience and perseverance as it's a really challenging topic!

WB 27.11.23

In History, we looked at the 1969 Space Landing. Year 5 could choose to present their work as a description, a newspaper report or as a poster. Here are a few examples:



In R.E., it was Cypress class's turn to create Islamic Art. There were some amazing examples:


WB 20.11.23

This week was Assessment week and the children all worked incredibly hard.

In PSHE, we continued to look at bullying and the different types. Year 5 designed an Anti-bullying campaign ribbon.



In R.E., we looked at and designed our own Islamic art.


WB 13.11.23

This week was anti-bullying week and year 5 wrote some amazing poems. Here are a few of them:


WB 6.11.23

In History, Year 5 learnt about Remembrance Sunday and the significance of the poppy. They wrote poems about poppies




In R.E., we learnt about different ways to express our emotions and the children drew a room in their homes. They then labelled any items in their rooms that expressed how they feel or make them feel in a particular way. Here are some of their designs:

WB 30.10.23

Welcome back to everyone in Cypress class and Cedar class.

we have another busy half term leading up to Christmas.

Year 5's topic this half term is Space.

In English, we will be basing our writing around the book "Forbidden Figures" and we will be reading "Cosmic" by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

We will study the Space Race in History and in Science look at the solar system, the seasons and the planets.

Our Artwork will also be based around the topic of Space.

In Maths, we will finish our work on multiplication and then move onto several weeks of work on fractions.

WB 16.10.23

In Science this week, Year 5 continued with their work on Materials and their properties. They made Babbling Beverages

in magic goblets. The children were able to explain that the reaction they got was irreversible because a new product was produced with the carbon dioxide bubbles.




In English, the children completed their amazing non-chronological reports on their mythical creatures:


WB 9.10.23

This week in English, we have continued with our writing based on Harry Potter. The children finished their diary entries and are now working on non-chronological reports on mythical creatures based on those in Harry Potter.

Their diary entries are displayed on the classroom writing walls to show the progress that they have already made.



October is Black History Month so we have looked a variety of figures from history, such as John Charles and jackie Robinson. Here is some of the children's work:


WB 2.10.23

In Art, Cedar class finally finished their Poem Portraits!! Worth the wait (I'm sure you'll agree!)



In Geography, we investigated the causes of Tsunamis and produced some beautiful posters. Here are a few examples from Cypress and Cedar classes.

WB 25.9.23

We have had a very productive week in Cedar and Cypress classes.



In English, we have continued to work on Harry Potter and the children wrote amazing Diaries as Harry Potter. We investigated all of the features of diaries and the children used these really well to produce fantastic work.



This was the last week of our work on place value. We worked all week on rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000. The children became really confident at this and on Thursday and Friday used these skills in an Active Maths game. Next week, we move on to addition and subtraction.

WB 18.9.23

As promised, the year 5s produced some excellent writing this week. Here are a few examples:


In R.E. we looked at what a Philosopher is and what Philosophy is and produced some lovely mind maps:


The children took part in a Speed Awareness day, where they went up to the main road with a police officer and monitored the speed of the cars. We are pleased to report that the drivers of Loughton were on their best behaviour today! The children only had to stop three drivers but really enjoyed engaging with them.

WB 11.9.23

The children have settled really well back into school and seem ready for the challenges of Year 5. Their behaviour has been impeccable so far and they should be really proud of themselves.



In Maths for the first 4 weeks, we are really concentrating on place value as we did in Year 4, however this year we will be exploring numbers all the way to 1,000,000. We will look at reading and writing numbers, the place value of each digit and rounding numbers as well as calculating 10 more, 100 more and 1000 more.



Our English theme for the first half term is Harry Potter. We will be basing all of our English on the first book, The Philosopher's Stone, including our reading lessons. children will be planning and writing a new chapter and writing a description in the forthcoming week. We look forward to reading the children's work and putting some examples on the website next week.



In Science, we are investigating materials this half term and we began these lessons with an investigation about dissolving which the children were all able to take an active part in.