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Week Beginning 15th April 2024

Welcome to the Summer term. It was lovely to see the children back after the Easter break. They came back to school refreshed and ready to learn. This week in English we have been using the book Lila and the secret of Rain by David Conway and Jude Daly. It is a beautiful story set in Kenya. The children used adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe the setting of a Kenyan village as well as describing the character of Lila. This also has links to our Geography topic of 'Around the World' where the children will be learning about the different continents, the first lesson is learning about Europe. In maths we are continuing to learn fractions, including half, quarter and thirds This includes fractions of a shape as well as fractions of a number.

In science we are beginning a topic on Living Things and their Habitats.

Please continue to read with your children at least four times a week. Thank you for your continued support.

Week beginning 28th April 2024

This week we have been using the book Lilah and the Secret of the Rain by David Conway and Jude Daly to help us with our writing.

The children had some brilliant ideas for stories of their own based on this story. It has been great to see them using great adjectives to make extended noun phrases as well as using similies to write some lovely descriptions. We are so proud of all the children for working so hard on their writing.

In Maths we have focused on Fractions for the last couple of weeks. We have been learning to recognise halves, quarters and thirds of a shape as well as finding halves, quarters and thirds of an amount. Today we have been learning to count in fractions up to a whole

so... one quarter, two quarters, three quarters, four quarters.

Our science topic for this term is living things and their habitats. The children have been thinking about what makes an animal alive or not alive and about the habitats of different animals. The geography topic is called Around the World where the children learn about different continents.

The children should continue to practise their reading, reading at least four times in a week towards their reading challenge award.

Birch class have won their reading challenge so will be having movie and munch next Friday 10th May 2024


Week beginning 20th May 2024

Last Friday 17th May Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Hertfordshire Zoo. We saw lots of animals (including some dinosaurs!) and the sun shone!

This week in our english work we have continued to look at using persuasive language. Last week we looked at the lanuage of adverts and made our own posters advertising our own invented chocolate bars and this week we looked at persuasive language in letters. The children wrote some fantastic letters to our headteacher, Mr. Kenyon, persuading him to give children more construction or golden time. A few children read their letters to Mr. Kenyon and he WAS persuaded to give us more construction time!

In maths the children have been learning about data handling. They have been collecting information in tallies, tables and block graphs. The children have had fun making their own tallies. In science we have continued to learn abour living things and their habitats and in Geography about the different continents of the world. The children loved learning about the Amazon Rainforest.

The children are continuing to work hard on their reading enjoying the Little Wandle chapter books. 

Thank you again for your continued suppot.

Week beginning 3rd June 2024

This week we have continued to work on understanding data in maths. We have been drawing and interpreting pictograms.

In english we have been writing recounts of events, real or imaginary. We have to make sure we write in the first perso and in the past tense. In design technology we are beginning a food technology topic to make our own pizzas and in science we will be beginning a topic of plants and will be planting seeds.

Birch class were excited to win the 'Early Bird Owl' 9 No lates) last week and to also win the trophy for best attendance this week too.

Well dsone Birch class.

Thank you parents for all your hard work reading at home with your children. It really does make a huge positive impact on their reading progress.