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Week beginning 11th December

This week we have been writing diary entries as an evacuee during the Second World War.

Some of us found it particularly tricky to write in the tone of diary entry and not a narrative but, with a lot of perseverance and good growth mindsets, we all produced some lovely writing.

Week Beginning 3rd December

In Science this week we have looked at the composition of blood.

We recreated blood using

Cheerios to represent red blood cells.

Rice to represent platelets.

Water to represent plasma.

 Marshmallows to represent white blood cells.

Week beginning 27th November


This week we started our Maths unit about measurement.

We started with a practical lesson where we had to estimate the weight, length, width and capacity of objects.

Some of us were more accurate with our estimates that others!

Week beginning 20th November


In computing this week we have been learning about QR codes. We went around the computing suite and the school scanning QR codes with our devices to answer a QR code quiz.

We then created google slides all about QR codes so we could teach others about their uses.

Week beginning 13th November

The Design and Technology project has started!

We had a lot of fun this week as we started to make our Anderson Shelters!

Carefully following our designs, we made the structure of our Anderson shelters with cardboard and glue.

We are looking forward to doing the main painting next week.

Week Beginning 6th November

This week we have been looking at why we observe Remembrance Day.

We chose to publish our knowledge in a variety of different ways.

Acrostic Poems

Fact files

Narratives about what it was like in the First and Second World War

Letters home describing the War

Week beginning 30th October

Design and Technology

This week we started out Design and Technology project for the term.


We are going to be designing and creating our own air raid shelter.


To give us an idea of what our air raid shelters need to do we looked at classic designs of air raid shelters in World War 2. We drew pictures of Anderson and Morrison shelters and annotated their features.


This will help us next week when we design our own shelters!

Week Beginning 16th October

Our Science topic this term has been Classification.

We have looked at how different animals are classified into:









To finish our topic we went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. We collected minibeasts in petri dishes and observed them closely using magnifying glasses before releasing them back to their natural habitat.

Week Beginning 9th October


This week have have been writing non-chronological reports about the one of the main characters in Holes by Louis Sachar.

We made sure our reports were very informative so the reader would be able to learn about the extremely dangerous yellow-spotted lizard!

We worked incredibly hard to make sure our handwriting was neat and our reports were eye catching and vibrant.

Week Beginning 2nd October


In our Music lessons this half term we have been looking at the songs of World War 2.

This week we learnt to play The White Cliffs of Dover on the keyboards and had a fantastic time!

Many thanks to Mr Steadman for getting all the keyboards ready for us and being patient while we practised!


Still image for this video

Week Beginning 25th September

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at Mayan Art.

This week we started creating Mayan pictures using mixed media and a variety of different techniques. 

Week beginning 18th September

In Computing, we are looking at coding. This week our work was linked with our History topic of World War Two and we learnt about the code breakers at Bletchley Park. We used information we found on the internet to create our own information files.

If you would like to find out more information, you could visit Bletchley Park in Half Term, the link to the website is below.

Bletchley Park Website

Week beginning 11th September


In our P.S.H.E. lessons this week we have thought about what it means to have a Growth Mindset and why this might be particularly important in Year 6! We made some fantastic posters highlighting the difference between having a Fixed and Growth mindset in our P.S.H.E. books.

We also thought about what we would like our last Year of Primary School to feel like. We accepted that we might be worried about some of the big parts of this year, SATS and the residential trip and discussed why it was normal to feel worried about big events. We created a Swirl of Worries and wrote our worries in them.

We also thought of some goals for the year and created a Banner of Goals containing everything we would like to achieve.