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Continuing on our topic of the Stone Age, this week in English, we have been planning and writing a diary entry in the shoes of the Stone Age Boy - a book we have read.


In Maths, we finished our topic of place value ready to begin addition and subtraction next week, including column method!


In Art and Design, we have been taking inspiration from Stone Age cave art to experiment with scale and different mediums. We drew some British animals using charcoal and had lots of fun trying different techniques such as blending with our fingers. We also learned about the types of images Stone Age people drew which reflected their lifestyle. 


This week in Year 3 we have started learning about the Stone Age, which is our topic for this term. To explore how people in the Paleolithic Age made tools, we tried carving soap. We discovered that this would not have been easy, since it was difficult and time consuming. Some of us shaped our soap into animals as Stone Age people often included animals in their art.