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Week Beginning 22.03.24


Ancient Greek Day


We had a fun filled day celebrating the end of our ancient Greek topic. We all came to school dressed as ancient greeks and started off with us sampling some ancient Greek cuisine. Afterwards we completed some ancient Greek themed math activities and learnt how to write words using the Greek alphabet. Using our design and technology skills, we constructed a Greek temple picture using art construction straws and finished off the day with some Olympic Games in the hall!

Ancient Greek Day


Don't forget to come to school on Thursday 21st March dressed up as an ancient Greek.

We have lots of fun activities prepared!



We will be completing a soundcheck next week to see how everyone is getting on with their times table knowledge, so keep practising!

Week Beginning 11.3.24

Science: Electricity


This week we learnt that mains electricity is electricity that comes from a power  station and is sent to our home, school or any other place  to be used for appliances. When we put a plug into a socket  we are completing the circuit that leads from the plug,  along wires and pylons and back to the power station.

The electricity from  power stations is much  more powerful than the  electricity from batteries.

Even though the mains  electricity can be used to  power more appliances  than batteries, it is also  much more dangerous.


We must always remember to follow the following safety rules:


  • Never insert anything other than a plug  into a plug socket.
  • Never mix electricity with water. No  electrical appliances in the bathroom.  Never touch an electrical appliance with  wet hands.
  • Don’t leave electrical wires trailing on  the floor.
  • Never overload a plug socket. It could  cause a fire.


We made safety posters to share these important rules:


Week Beginning 4.3.24

World Book Day 7.3.24

This week we took part in the annual celebration of authors, illustrators, books and the joy of reading, coming dressed as a charcter from one of our favourite books! In assembly, we marched in a parade to show off our costumes and in the afternoon we joined together as a year group to enjoy watching the live broadcast of Michael Rosen's Big 50 Years Show!


Dogs Trust Workshop 7.3.24


On Thursday we welcomed dogs trust to Year 4! We spent the morning engaging in a workshop which empowered us with the knowledge and skills to interact safely with dogs in both our personal lives and social settings.




Week Beginning 26.2.24


Maths: Comparing and ordering mixed numbers

This week in maths we have been learning about fractions. We learnt that a mixed number is a whole number and a fraction. We compared fractions using the following rule: 

When the denominators are the same, the greater the numerator, the greater the fraction.

When the denominators are the same, the smaller the numerator, the smaller the fraction.

We used diagrams, bar models and number lines to help us.

Week Beginning 12.2.24



WALT:know how to work out the steps to take to achieve a goal, and do this successfully as part of a group and enjoy being part of a group challenge


This week we took part in the funniest potato competition. We worked in groups to design and make our potato person. We also had to think of a funny personality for our potato person. 

Working collaboratively as a group meant that we had to listen to each other's ideas, take turns and value the opinions of others. 

After the activity, we evaluated our work and thought about what we could improve next time.



Week Beginning 5.2.24




This week we had an E-safety lesson where we learnt how to respond to a hurtful message or comment online.

We looked at how to edit our own messages and comments to make sure that we were not being unkind to others.

It helped us to understand why other people might be hurt by the messages we send or comments we make.

We created a class E-Safety notice board where we each wrote some advice for anyone who might be in need of help in an online situation. It is really important that we always remember to talk to an adult if we have concerns online. 


Week beginning 29.01.24


This week the year 4 classrooms underwent a transformation into a vibrant cafe setting where we embarked on a journey of exploration of figurative language. After familiarising ourselves with the figurative language techniques, inlcuding; alliteration, similes, personification, metaphors, onomatopoeia and hyperbole, we had a go at coming up with some super interesting menu items that we would describe using some of these writing techniques.


On the following day, we indulged in the delectable array of figurative language items we crafted on the previous day! Skillfully, we identified the specific type of figurative language woven into each item description before writing up a google review for each, seizing the chance to elevate our expressions with even more figurative language.




Week Beginning: 22.1.24


 Art- Greek Pottery

The ancient Greeks produced a good deal of beautiful and very ornate pottery, and it helped people in the modern day learn more about them and how they lived.

Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at a range of ancient Greek pottery designs so that we could study the materials, colours, uses, and subjects of these vessels in detail. We were able to enjoy and appreciate pottery from this fascinating time period.

We spent time recreating the motifs and symbols used on Greek pottery and used them to design our very own.

We are very pleased with the outcome our efforts have produced!


Week Beginning: 15.1.24


English:  Theseus and the Minotaur


This week we took part in an immersive role play experience through reenacting the Ancient Greek myth:

Theseus and the Minotaur.

We recreated scenes from the labyrinth and the island in our classrooms and worked together to conclude the story.

By immersing ourselves in this part of the story, we were able to imagine what the experience was like for the characters involved. Afterwards, we were able to uplevel sentences and create ‘super sentences’ to describe the final story events and paint a picture in the reader's mind!



Week Beginning 8.1.24

Maths -Identifying factor pairs for a number


This week we have been exploring factors of numbers.  We worked in pairs to create our own factor rainbows. The numbers linked by the coloured lines of the rainbow can be multiplied to create the product shown above the rainbow. We completed each factor rainbow by finding out which numbers were factor pairs.




Keep working on your times table knowledge by logging onto TTRS and Maths Frame.