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Year 4


It's always very sad to say goodbye to a class but I'm so glad that this year they will all be there at the bottom of the stairs in the safe hands of Miss Cummings and Mr Steadman. It has been a great year and so good to have been at school for a full three terms! The children have really benefited from this and they have all made amazing progress academically and socially. They have been real characters and kept me on my toes but I can say that I really have had a great year. Thanks to all of the children and all of the parents and carers. Have a fantastic Summer.


Love from Mrs Green x


Lime Class

A fond farewell to all Lime Class Parents & Children! It has been an amazing year and you can all be very proud of the learning & progress made by the children in our first full academic year in some time. I have really enjoyed being part of their learning journey and I really appreciate all the kind support from parents & carers that was given. I wish you all a fantastic rest of summer. Take care everybody an have fun!

Kindest regards

Mrs Curran & Mrs Sehdev (1:1 TA)



Aspen Class

Thank you for children for being a part of Aspen Class this past year. Thank you also for welcoming me this term and making me proud of you all. I really hope to be part of your learning journey at White Bridge in the future. A big thank you too, to all parents & carers for your amazing support since I've been in Aspen. Enjoy your holidays and I'll see you in September!

Best Wishes

Mrs Wells


What a wonderful day the Year 4 children had out on the field and playground Wednesday afternoon! We were celebrating 70 years of White Bridge history just like the Queen having her 70 years on the throne. Everyone from Reception to Year 6 were out and they all had an ice lolly to kick off with. Then they had all sorts of activities & games to choose spanning the decades from the 1950s to the 2000s. There was British Bulldog, Tiddly Winks, French skipping, duck duck goose and plenty more. We had a special visitor return to us for the afternoon - Mrs Witteridge! The children loved seeing her again and she was in charge of Maypole dancing with a 1950s maypole set up in the playground. It was so lovely to see older children showing younger children round and helping them choose activities.


Friday morning, again the whole school came out onto the field but this time to practice sitting inside giant letters or numbers painted on the field. The idea is, that sometime next week they will all go out there and sit in their area while a helicopter flies over the top and takes an amazing bird's eye view photo of - WBPS 70 ! Watch this space for more...

Look below and you will see White Bridge celebrating the millennium 22 years ago. The children sat in the playground this time. How many changes can you see? How old were you back then?

Look! 22 years ago White Bridge celebrated the new millennium. The children sat in the playground. How many changes can you see? How old were you then??


What a fun week! This week was Sports Week and year 4 participated in lots of extra P.E.

We taught EYFS and year 1 some P.E. games and then year 5 and 6 taught us some games. We certainly got lots of exercise. Then on Thursday, everyone in year 4 had a go at Lazer Tag with Mr Bromley.


At the end of the week, it was Commonwealth Day and each class learnt about a particular Commonwealth country. Year 4's countries were Sri Lanka, Wales and Cyprus.

Have a look at some of our work.






This week year 4 have taken part in their Relationships and Sex Education lessons. We were very proud of them as they were all incredibly sensible and mature and asked lots of great questions. Please be aware that they may come home with even more questions.


We also had great fun writing Sound poems and then performing them. In Maths, we learnt all about angles. The children are still working really hard.


This week, we have all really enjoyed Science week.


We made paper spinners with a lady from STEM and on Friday, we had some fantastic activities in our classes.

We practised our observational drawing skills by drawing cookies and used different sorting diagrams to sort Liquorice Allsorts.

It was a great week.


The children also had an important swimming session this week. It was based around water safety and they were in the water in their clothes. This gave them a chance to see what it feels like with the extra weight of clothing and how to safely react to this without panicking. Their last swimming session is next week and this will be a fun one with lots of floats in the pool!


Year 4 have enjoyed our Art lessons this week with Mrs Jones and Mrs Rugg.

We completed our London pictures and our Roman vases and are now working on our next masterpieces - watch this space!

The Year 4s enjoyed their final swimming lesson this week. It was a fun session with lots of floats, noodles and splashing. It has been a great 9 weeks of learning for them all ranging from blowing bubbles into the water to practising all of the strokes. The instructors highly recommend swimming lessons so that the children can continue to progress with these essential life skills.