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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Here are some photos of our wonderful work from our Year 3 classes Juniper and Maple.

On Friday 8th July we celebrated our Commonwealth Day. We had lots of fun learning about the Commonwealth countries and taking part in lots of different activities. We even did a flag hunt all around our school.

Here are some of the fact files we made. 



Monday 27th June- Friday 1st July

Over the last few weeks both classes have been learning how to make levers in DT. Once we had successfully made a prototype, we went on to design a moving picture with a working lever. The children did a fabulous job at making their design come to life!

Monday 20th - Friday 24th June

This week we finished our Art and DT project. We have spent the last few weeks weaving yarn through straws to create a miniature tapestry. This week was the moment of truth, we removed the yarn from the straws and hoped our weaving was correct and out tapestry intact!

In our previous English lessons we have looked at the features of a leaflet and what makes leaflets stand out. We used all these ideas to create persuasive leaflets to encourage others to visit our very own zoo! We really took our time making sure they were bright, colourful, neat and tidy. After we had finished them, we evaluated them against a list of features of a leaflet to see if we had remembered everything. We then got to play the teacher and evaluate a friend's leaflet too!

Monday 13th - Friday 18th June

Still image for this video
Our Science Experiment
As part of our Science days we did a number of experiments about absorption via capillary action.
We coloured each end of a kitchen towel in bright colours and then put each end in a beaker of water. As the water was absorbed by the towel the colour moved up the towel and met in the middle!
We also drew an outline on one paper towel and coloured a different paper towel in with bright colours. When we layered the two paper towels on top of each other and put them in a tray of water the two pictures combined!