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White Bridge Primary School

White Bridge

Primary School

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Year 2

Week beginning 11th July 2022



In English this week the children have been writing about their own wildlife park. 

They learnt about collective nouns to describe groups of animals that might be at their wildlife park

e.g. a snuggle of sloths, a gaggle of geese or a herd of elephants. 



This week the children have been recapping about position and direction. 

They were encouraged to use the language forwards, backwards, clockwise, anti-clockwise etc..


White Bridge's 70th birthday celebrations

This year is very special for White Bridge Primary School as this year the school turns 70!

On Wednesday afternoon the children spent an afternoon of fun out on the Key Stage 2 field.

They took part in lots of different activities and there was a focus to have games from each decade

for children to experience, these included tiddlywinks, parachute games, marbles and Maypole dancing too!




Week beginning 4.7.2022



This week at White Bridge it has been Sports Week!

The children have taken part in lots of various activities including:

laser tag, circuits, Commonwealth Day, a BMX assembly, archery, a Commonwealth flag hunt, 

a P.E. lesson ran by Year 5 or 6, Commonwealth country research and learning

about the Paralympian Ellie Simmonds. 





Week beginning 27.6.2022



Last week the children did lots of writing linked with their trip to Paradise Wildlife Park. 

They wrote a recount of the day, a thank you letter to adults that accompanied them and

created a fact-file about their favourite animals. 


The Year 2 children were very well behaved on the trip and were a credit to our school.

We were very proud of them and know how much they enjoyed the trip.



This week in Maths we have been recapping on working with length. 

We compared, ordered and solved problems about length and recapped how to measure

accurately using a ruler. 



This week we have been learning the correct movements for 'Million Dreams'

through sign language.

The children have been practicing in class and we have attached the link to their

Google Classroom accounts so they can show their adults

at home too. 


Week beginning 20.6.2022



This week in Year 2 we have been continuing with our Superhero/Supertato work. 

At the start of the week the children created a WANTED poster for Evil Pea in which they described him

using noun phrases in the hope he will be caught soon!

The children also designed their own superhero and had to come up with their

name, costume, sidekick, arch nemesis and superpowers. 





In Maths this week the children have been continuing with their work on telling the time.

They have started to look at 5 minute intervals and the difference between minutes to and minutes past.


Art / D.T.

This week the children had a chance to make their very own Supertato using a real potato!

They absolutely loved this activity and were very careful to ensure he looked just right. 





   Week beginning 13.6.2022



   This week in Year 2 we have been planning and writing up our own versions of the story Supertato.

To plan their story the children completed a storyboard and thought carefully about their new characters and

setting to make it different from the original Sueprtato story. 





In Maths this week the children have been recapping telling the time on a clock face including:

o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. 



The children conducted an experiment in which they observed jelly turning from its solid state to liquid.

We used a different number of cubes in each cup (1 jelly cube, 2 jelly cubes and 3 jelly cubes) to predict and observe if

more jelly cubes means a firmer jelly when it is set.

We then added vegetables to represent the characters from Superato!

The jelly is now in the fridge and we will look at what has happened next week to see our results.