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White Bridge Primary School

White Bridge

Primary School

Interactive Bar

Summer term

Week beginning: 5.6.23



Adding text and transitions to a video using Clipchamp Chromebook


In last week's lesson,  we put our photos and videos into the correct order onto a storyboard. We then set the length of time our photo or video would be displayed. After that, we explored transitions adding our chosen transition between each image.


  This week we added text to our images and music to our video clip to complete our book trailer. 

   In our final lesson of this unit, we will share and evaluate our work.


Week beginning 22.3.23

Diversity Week


Diversity Week has given us a great opportunity to celebrate our differences and learn what makes us all unique and special.

We were very fortunate to have many visitors come to school to teach us about different cultures around the world and all the different types of families bonded by kindness and love.


We would like to say thank you to all our wonderful visitors and we look forward to celebrating again next year.


Week beginning 15.5.23




Today we learnt that a  flower’s job is to create seeds so that new plants can be grown. Flowers are made up of lots of parts that work together to make seeds. In order to see these different parts of a plant we dissected a flower. We used our scientific vocabulary to identify each part of the flower. Afterwards, we drew a diagram of our flower and labeled it.




This week we had a visit from the Epping Forest District Museum. We enjoyed an exciting session, where we played a game based on Ancient Egypt. We had to work in teams to travel across countries to trade valuable items such as gold, papyrus and copper, learning about what life was like in Egypt at the time. We developed our team and decision making skills. Our teachers acted as the pharaoh's - the rules of Ancient Egypt! 


Week Beginning 8.5.23


Maths - Money


This week we have been learning to:

Recognise pounds and pence, convert pounds and pence and add money using column method. 

Next week we are going to learn how to subtract money and find change.

We have been using coins to help us count different amounts of money and show amounts in different ways. We challenged ourselves with using the fewest amount of coins too. 



Week Beginning 1.1.23


Coronation Day Art


We had great fun creating our King Charles III coronation stamps. 

We took our inspiration  from  the artist Jackson Pollock. Before starting our own pieces, we took time to explore the techniques used by this artist. We learnt about abstract art and it was wonderful to discuss with our friends, all the different shapes and images we could see in some of the art work. After that, we carefully trimmed our stamps to size and then it was time to use straws to blow the paint which resembled this artistic technique. 

Our finished artwork will form a wonderful display at White Bridge school to commemorate this special celebration. 


Week Beginning 24.4.23



For the past 2 weeks we have been learning about the unique features of play scripts and how they differ from other pieces of writing. We were very interested to learn that, even though there is a lot of speech in play scripts, there are no inverted commas!

This week we turned the story of The Gruffalo's Child into a playscript.

Week beginning 17/4/23



This week we began our new topic about the United Kingdom. In this topic, we will be looking at the geography of the UK - from the physical features of mountains, rivers and seas to the man-made regions and counties. We will find out how the UK has changed over time, looking at how London grew and how the population of the UK as a whole has changed throughout the course of history.

Our first lesson was all about naming and locating the cities of the UK and using the eight points of a compass to describe their location. We labelled maps and wrote sentences in our work books.