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White Bridge Primary School

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Spring term





This week the children have been planning and writing non-chronological reports about a specific animal or plant. They have used descriptive writing techniques to expand their sentences and created some interesting fact sheets.




This week the children were back on fractions. They have been learning about repeated addition and multiplying unit/non-unit fractions whilst practising that previously learnt; converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.


In addition to this week's lessons, both Year 5s had a Road Safety Workshop. All children showed great listening skills and followed instructions beautifully when crossing a road. Check them out here:






This week the children have been focusing on planning and creating a short story using descriptive language, correct punctuation and paragraphs. Their stories have been based on a clip from 'The Sword in the Stone'. They have worked extremely hard on their short stories, presenting beautiful writing skills and presentation.




This week the focus has been on division and, applying and mastering methods learnt. They also ended the week with an ACTIVE MATHS lesson where both Year Groups were combined and they all worked really hard with each other, explaining the why's and the how's.







This week the children have continued with the book of 'The Lost Words' and looked at Kenning Style poems. They have created their own poems incorporating this style and applied it with other techniques whilst using previous methods such as; figurative language.




This week the children have been reintroduced to short division by using different methods to aid in their learning. They have all shown good effort.


In addition, this term's Art topic is on watercolours and how different shading and blending can add depth compared to block colours from pencils.







What a great start to the New Year and term!




This week the children were introduced to "The lost words". They have been learning about different animal groups and their collective nouns whilst also learning about different poetry techniques.





This week the children have been multiplying 2, 3 and 4- digit numbers by 2 - digit numbers.

The children have been working very hard and are showing great eagerness to learn!