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Spring term





This week has been test week the children have focused on predicting the event of a short clip and retelling the story of Crabe Phare. The children have been implementing their knowledge of figurative language and inference skills.



In maths the children have been learning about statistics; how to draw line graphs, read and interpret these as well as tables.

The children have shown great enthusiasm with their learning and all deserve a nice Easter break for all of their hard work this half term!



To finish off the week and the term, the children designed and built their own bridges; using specific resources to make sure the bridges were secure.




English & Maths


This week has been test week for the children in Year 5. They have all completed a series of English and Maths tests which have covered areas that they have learnt throughout their schooling. Many have shown great determination during this week and tried their hardest which has been proven in their results. We ask that the children continue to access EdShed at home and practise their timestables.


The Walk Around Roding Valley Lake


We were fortunate to all go around the beautiful lake that the area has to offer where the children were able to implement their knowledge learnt through their Geography lessons - types of rivers, water, pollution, etc. They all saw first hand what is happening with our waters and even helped to litter pick!

It was a lovely afternoon and was wonderful to see the care they have for our environment.







This week the children planned an instructional text and then wrote one on 'how to catch a gargoyle'. They have also implemented their targets in order to self assess and peer assess.




This week the children have been learning about perimeters and how to calculate the perimeters of rectangles, rectilinear shapes and polygons.






This week the children finished the "Night of the Gargoyles". They have used descriptive devices to write a description about a Gargoyle and they have practised the use of standard English by writing a formal letter of complaint to the Gargoyle King. In addition, the children have been working extremely hard to improve their presentation which can be seen across both year groups.





This week the children have been learning about decimals, fractions and percentages. They have been learning how to convert decimals to fractions, fractions to decimals, and then to percentages.






This week the children were introduced to the "Night of the Gargoyles" by Eve Bunting. They have learnt why gargoyles were significant in architecture, used inference skills to predict events of a story and explored the meaning of words in a context.





This week the children have continued with decimals and rounding these to the nearest whole or tenths. The children have demonstrated eagerness with this and are working hard within their lessons.


We hope you all enjoyed your week off!




This week the children have continued with the story of Beowulf where they have used specific writing techniques to create suspense, they have drawn a detailed illustration of Grendel's mother by describing her characteristics, and to finish off the book they have planned and written an extended narrative.





This week the children have been introduced to decimals. They have identified decimals up to 2 and 3 places, found equivalent fractions and decimals for tenths and hundredths and they also identified thousandths as fractions.





This week the children have been introduced to Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. With this, they have applied their writing techniques and used them to describe a character, predict a part of the story and write a summary. 




This week the children have continued to apply their multiplication and division skills with fractions. They have been learning to multiply a unit/non-unit fraction by an integer, multiply a mixed number by an integer and calculate a fraction of an amount or quantity.


*In addition, some of the year 5s taught some tricks in PE to KS1 to help them keep fit and stay healthy. Here are some photos:



Cedar and Cypress Class wish you a lovely half term break!





This week the children have been planning and writing non-chronological reports about a specific animal or plant. They have used descriptive writing techniques to expand their sentences and created some interesting fact sheets.




This week the children were back on fractions. They have been learning about repeated addition and multiplying unit/non-unit fractions whilst practising that previously learnt; converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.


In addition to this week's lessons, both Year 5s had a Road Safety Workshop. All children showed great listening skills and followed instructions beautifully when crossing a road. Check them out here:






This week the children have been focusing on planning and creating a short story using descriptive language, correct punctuation and paragraphs. Their stories have been based on a clip from 'The Sword in the Stone'. They have worked extremely hard on their short stories, presenting beautiful writing skills and presentation.




This week the focus has been on division and, applying and mastering methods learnt. They also ended the week with an ACTIVE MATHS lesson where both Year Groups were combined and they all worked really hard with each other, explaining the why's and the how's.







This week the children have continued with the book of 'The Lost Words' and looked at Kenning Style poems. They have created their own poems incorporating this style and applied it with other techniques whilst using previous methods such as; figurative language.




This week the children have been reintroduced to short division by using different methods to aid in their learning. They have all shown good effort.


In addition, this term's Art topic is on watercolours and how different shading and blending can add depth compared to block colours from pencils.







What a great start to the New Year and term!




This week the children were introduced to "The lost words". They have been learning about different animal groups and their collective nouns whilst also learning about different poetry techniques.





This week the children have been multiplying 2, 3 and 4- digit numbers by 2 - digit numbers.

The children have been working very hard and are showing great eagerness to learn!