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White Bridge Primary School

White Bridge

Primary School

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Spring term

Week Beginning 27/3/23




In the final week of our Ancient Egypt topic, we became news reporters. Our job was to write a report about the amazing discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. 

We thought about Howard Carter's journey to Egypt and his relief at finally finding the tomb after years of searching. 

In our writing, we included paragraphs, third person narrative, speech punctuation and exciting language. 


We are very proud of our finished pieces. Here are a some we would like to share ...



Week Beginning 20/3/23




We really enjoyed out Egyptian Day on Wednesday!

Some of us chose to dress up and enjoyed spending the day in our Egyptian costumes.

We sampled different types of Egyptian foods, made a sarcophagus for a mummy out of clay and had a visit from Epping Forest District Museum who brought us some Ancient Egyptian artefacts to explore!

Week beginning 13/3/23




This week we have been learning all about fractions. We created our own Fractions Wall which enabled us to visually see how fractions represent different parts of a whole, compare fractions to determine which is larger or smaller, and identify equivalent fractions.  Using a Fractions Wall helps us develop a better understanding of fractions and their relationships. 

By looking carefully at our fractions wall, we could see that 1/2 is equal to 2/4, 2/5 is greater than 1/3 and 3/7 is less than 3/6. 


Once we had completed our Fractions Wall it was time to get hands on with our interactive fraction puzzle pieces! 

Week beginning 6/3/23




We took part in lots of activities to show us how mirrors work.


Activity 1 – We used a mirror to trace along a line. We found it tricky because we were looking at a mirror image which is the opposite way round!



Activity 2 – We used 2 mirrors to make a periscope to see our partner, it was tricky getting the angle of the mirrors right so the light could reflect into our eyes and we could see how many fingers our partner was holding up!

Activity 3 – Mirror Writing – We used a mirror to write our own name. This was especially tricky because, as we found out in the first activity, the mirror reverses everything so all the letters looked like they were reversed!

Week Beginning 27th February


World Book Day


We really enjoyed dressing up in our comfy clothes for World Book Day!

Here we are reading some of our favourite books!

Week Beginning 20.2.23


Ancient Egyptian Tomb Experience

Creating Settings.


This week we took part in a tomb experience! We had to think about what it felt like to be on an Ancient Egyptian adventure discovering a pyramid and finding a tomb full of treasure. This experience helped us to use our imaginations and find many words to describe what we could see, hear, taste and smell. It was brilliant fun and it has provided us with some amazing new vocabulary to include in our story writing!


Week Beginning 6.2.23


Children's Mental Health Week


This week we have been supporting Children's Mental Health Week. We had an assembly discussing the importance of Mental Health and how important being outside in the fresh air can be.

One of our activities this week was a 'Walk and Talk'. We partnered up with someone from the other Year 3 class who we didn't know very well and walked around the outside of the school with them, asking them questions about themselves and answering the questions they asked about us. 

It was a lovely bright morning and a sunny walk and we got to meet and talk to someone new but we were glad we wore our coats!

Week beginning 30.1.23




We have started learning about division in Maths this week, it was a little tricky to start with but we have persevered and with the help of our knowledge of times tables we are getting to grips with it!


Week beginning 23.1.23




We have been learning about sending emails in Computing over the last few weeks. This week we attempted to attach an image to our emails. It has been tricky but we persevered and some of us were eventually successful!

Week beginning 16.1.23




This week we investigated forces and friction in Science. We pulled heavy boxes across different surfaces and measured the amount of force we needed to move the box in Newtons (N).

We discovered that smooth surfaces needed less force to move and rough surfaces needed more because they created more friction.

Week beginning 9.1.23




This week we started our new History topic for this term, Ancient Egypt.

We learnt what an Egyptologist was and made a timeline of the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation.

In our Art lesson we started a mosaic collage of Tutankhamun's Death Mask.

If you would like to spend some time outside school learning more about Ancient Egypt, Epping Forest District Museum in Waltham Abbey has a special exhibition all about Animal Mummies which runs until the 15th April. Admission is free and the museum is open on Saturdays! Please see the link below for more details.