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Spring term

Week beginning: 30th January 2023

This week in Year 2 we have been learning about the United Kingdom. We have done a mixture of

activities and some writing linked with the U.K. as a whole and the individual countries that make up the U.K.



In English we learnt about Scotland and then wrote sentences about some of the facts we had learnt. 

We focussed on using capital letters for names of places e.g. Scotland and Edinburgh.

In Art we had a go at designing and making our own Scottish tartan. Instead of the 

traditional wool that is used to make tartan we used paper and learnt how to weave the paper

to create our own patterns. 



For our learning about England we made one of the nation's favourite snacks...a jam/marmalade sandwich!

We made the sandwiches first and then recorded the instructions of how we made it remembering to

use commands and imperative verbs (bossy words). 

In Art we drew half a portrait of King Charles III. We were given half of the portrait and had to 

draw the other half ensuring to make it look in proportion. 


Northern Ireland

In English we learnt about Northern Ireland and then recorded our facts ensuring we were

very careful with our handwriting and letter formation.

In P.E. we learnt some Irish dancing dance moves. 



For our learning about Wales we again learnt facts about the country and then recorded them 

in full sentences ensuring we were using capital letters and full stops correctly. 

In Art/D.T. we made traditional Welsh love spoons out of paper. We learnt about what a Welsh

love spoon actually is and why traditionally they are given in Wales. We learnt what each symbol

meant and then worked out which shapes/symbols we wanted to use on our paper Welsh love spoon. 



Thank you to everyone who has read 4 or more times this week, it really helps with the children's reading ability and understanding. We're already on our way to getting our next treat!


Week beginning: 23rd January 2023



This week, we have been continuing our George's Marvellous Medicine topic. We have been looking at different types of sentences: statements, questions, commands and exclamations. We have written written lots of different sentences for each type and have even written our own instructions on how to make a marvellous medicine.  



We have started our new topic of multiplication and division. We have been learning how to identify and make equal groups. We have also introduced the X symbol for multiplication- meaning 'lots of'. 'groups of' or 'times'. Lots of children are very excited about starting our journey into times tables!



This week we learnt how to make different shades of the same colour. We learnt that you can add white to make a colour lighter and black to make it darker. We designed our own medicine bottles using the colours that we made. 


Thank you to everyone who has read 4 or more times this week, it really helps with the children's reading ability and understanding. We're already on our way to getting our next treat!



Week beginning: 16th January 2023



This week in English we have started listening to/watching the Roald Dahl story George's Marvellous Medicine.

We have absolutely loved hearing about George's horrible Grandma and the amazing new medicine that he 

concocted for her. We have written about the story in 5 parts on 5 separate days focussing on 

something specific each day. We have focussed on our handwriting, letter size, capital letters/full stops

and use of conjunctions. 



This week we have continued to learn about money. We have explored making amounts 

in different ways, working out change and making £1. We have certainly become more confident 

with knowing which coin is which now and will revisit money later in the year. 


Reading Challenge Celebrations

Both classes in Year 2 won their reading challenge treat this week.

The children were very excited to enjoy either construction activities or to watch a film with

their teddies brought in from home. 


If everyone keeps reading 4 or more times at home each week it won't be long

until we hit our 100 reads target and earn another treat! 


Week beginning: 9th January 2023


Happy New Year! 

It has been lovely to enjoy our first week back at school after the Christmas Break. 

We have been very busy in Year 2...


In English this week we have been working on our sentence writing. We did this first by

writing up our holiday news recording what we got up to over the Christmas Holidays. 

We also wrote about our New Year's resolutions and spoke about why people make 

New Year's resolutions in the first place. 

Towards the end of the week we looked at a story called The Boy & the Rainbow. First, we sequenced

images from the story correctly. Next, we recorded noun phrases for each of the colours the boy

visited e.g. bright red grass or sparkling golden key. On Friday we had a go at writing

a retell of the story in full remembering to use capital letters, full stops and noun phrases. 



This week in Maths we have been recapping 2D and 3D shapes as part of our starter activity but our new learning

has been learning about money. We have looked at British coins and notes and have worked on 

recognising them, counting them and making the same amount. 

We will continue looking at money next week in our Maths lessons. 



To link with our work in English on The Boy & the Rainbow we painted beautiful rainbows 

in Art this week. We spoke about the different colours that we needed to include and

mixed red and yellow to make orange, blue and yellow to make green and red and blue to make purple.

The children did a fantastic job at creating their own unique rainbows!