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Well done to Cherry, Chestnut and Hawthorn for a brilliant first year at school. We wish them all the best of luck for Year One!


April - July

Minibeasts topic

All things that grow topic

In Literacy we learnt:

- To retell a story using new vocabulary 

- To write facts about minibeasts using the sounds we have been taught in Phonics

- Make and write predictions

- Identify plants and describe them verbally using adjectives

- To write creatively by posing the question 'If I had a magic bean I would wish for...'

- To create a story map and retell a story we have just read 

- Retell a story using stick puppets


In Maths we learnt:

- All about symmetry 

- To build numbers beyond 10 

- To understand first and then stories and adding more

- How to takeaway using first and now 

- To recap our learning about 2d shapes and then on to 3d shapes

- Doubles to 10

- That equal means the same number for each group

- Even and Odd


In Understanding the World/Expressive Art & Design/Personal, Social & Emotional Development/Communication & Language we learnt:

- All about the life cycle of a butterfly

- How to make a spider using our handprints

- All about diversity in Diversity Week

- About similarities and differences between different religious and cultural communities in this country- focusing on the Muslim faith

- Minibeasts habitats: we went on a minibeast hunt to our local area! 

- To add music to a story 

- All about plants and what they need to grow

- To draw flowers by observation

- All about the life cycle of a plant, then we planted seeds and watched them grow!

- To begin the transition to year one, and that everything we are feeling is normal!









February - April

Dinosaur topic

In Literacy we learnt:

- To recall and write facts about dinosaurs of our choice

- To write a sentence about a dinosaur scene

- To make a prediction about our dinosaur egg

- Use describing words in our writing 

- Write short sentences

- - Write instructions, we made chocolate nests for Easter! 


In Maths we learnt:

- Compare and measure length and height of dinosaurs

- Understand routines- we spoke about our morning and night routines

- Compare numbers to 10 by making towers 

- All about number bonds, first to 5 then to 10 

- To practice our number formation


In Understanding the World/Expressive Art & Design/Personal, Social & Emotional Development/Communication & Language we learnt:

- All about the history of dinosaurs, we learnt about the periods that dinosaurs are alive

- To understand our differences, we learnt that we are all different and it should be celebrated

- To explore sound in Music, we had a go at playing to a beat

- To program BeeBots in our Computing lesson

- All about the importance of handwashing and we carried out an experiment using pepper and soap!

- All about Comic Relief and why it is so important

- What a waterproof material is, we carried out an experiment using different materials

- All about fossils and we even made our own using air clay!

- All about Easter and why it is important to Christians. We decorated Easter biscuits and did Easter arts and crafts







January - February 

Space topic

In Literacy we learnt:

- The term 'fact' and we wrote some facts about the moon and sun

- How to write a list, we wrote a list about things we would take to space

- What a describing word is and we wrote describing words about our blow paint aliens

- The days of the week and how to put them in order 


In Maths we learnt:

- The composition of numbers to 10

- To compare mass using the correct terminology 

- To order numbers from 1-10 

- To identify one more and one less

- 2D shapes, focusing on squares and rectangles 

- How to make pairs!


In Understanding the World/Expressive Art & Design/Personal, Social & Emotional Development/Communication & Language we learnt:

- All about the season of Winter and we made a polar bear picture using paint and paper

- To carry out an experiment on gummy bears using salt, bicarb, vinegar and water. We made a prediction and then observed.

- All about Chinese New Year and we tried some yummy chinese food

- How to take care of the environment 

- What it means to have a healthy diet and make our own healthy eating lunch 

- All about pancake day and how to decorate a pancake






October - December 

We continued with more brilliant learning and exploring in October through to December. 

In Maths we learnt:

- to compare amounts of objects in groups

- all about capacity using the language 'full', 'empty', 'half full' 

- what a repeating pattern is and how to make one

- all about balanced and unbalanced, we made chocolate cornflake cakes to practice weighing 

- to compare numbers to 5

- shapes including circles, squares and triangles


In Literacy we learnt:

- to order the letters of my name

- hear initial sounds 

- form letters

- retell the Gunpowder Plot 

- to verbalize adjectives and identify initial sounds when writing about Bonfire Night

- to write a shopping list

- to reorder instructions for a jam sandwich and then make it 

- write cvc words

- write facts


In Topic/Understanding the World/Art & Design/Personal, Social and Emotional Development we learnt:

- how to make music using body percussion

- how to paint a self portrait

- talk about the members of my family

- to discover the 5 sense and taste fruit to compare what I like and dislike

- all about Diwali and create a mehndi hand design 

- all about toys from now and toys from the past

- how to carry out science experiments such as 'Dancing Raisins'





September - October

This half term our classes have taken part in some wonderful learning! This included lots of Numeracy, Literacy, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. We have done investigations and exploring, play outside and lots of exciting activities. 

Here are some photos from just a few of our activities:


A visit from Police Officers for our topic 'People Who Help Us'


Self portraits                                    



Exploring our sense of taste by tasting fruit   






Week beginning 12th September 

This week we have welcomed and settled our new Reception classes into school. 

We have had lots of fun getting to know them individually, and spending time exploring our school and learning what it means

to be in Reception.

The children stayed for lunch and explored our canteen. 

We have started our Phonics teaching, beginning with environmental sounds. The children went on a 'sound walk' and were able to draw or write the things that they could hear.

We look forward to our Reception children staying for full days from Tuesday 20th September.