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Autumn term

Week commencing 7 November 2022


We are nearing the end of the book 'Holes' and had a surprise visit from one of the characters, Kissin' Kate Barlow.  Year 6 had been looking at using a range of questions and can now confidently explain the difference between an open and closed question.  They were able to pitch their questions to Kate and record the answers.  What a character she was!  She even left her trademark red lipstick kiss in a couple of books, much to everyone's surprise.  We look forward to completing the book and beginning our new book, 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers'.


We began fractions and percentages in maths and will continue with different aspects of this next week.  


In science, we are continuing with 'Bodies' and are looking at what keeps our bodies and minds healthy.


Week commencing 1 November.

We are continuing with the novel Holes and have this week focussed on the backstory of one of the main characters Kate Barlow.  This is to prepare the children to write a detailed biography of her life which will be completed next week.  


In maths this week we have been working on the order of operations and have completed an active maths lesson.


In preparation for Rememberance Day, year 6 have made poppies that are on display around the school.

Week of 10/10/22

Our Y6s are still thoroughly enjoying the novel 'Holes' in their English lessons. This week, the children have really focussed on their formal writing skills. They have planned and written a non-chronological text based on the Yellow Spotted Lizard. After this, they spent two days presenting the same information as a 'double page spread' in which the children were able to use their presentational skills to consolidate their learning. They have all produced stunning pieces of work which they are looking forward to showing parents and carers at parents evening. 


We have also been continuing to learn about Black History, as this is a focus for October. We have spoken to the children about the difference between being non-racist and anti-racist, the importance of Britain's Windrush generation and the impact that Nelson had in bringing about change in a country where apartheid was a law. 

Week of the 3rd October.

This week, the Y6s had an online session with Crucial Crew on Tuesday for the duration of the morning. This has equipped them with essential life skills in recognising county lines, drug trafficking, drug use and knife crime. The children were engaged throughout the session and asked lots of sensible questions. We feel the children are now more aware of these dangers and know what to do and how to spot red flags if they were ever to be approached. We hope that our children are never themselves in such a scenario, however with the figures currently showing that 27,000 young teenagers are members of gangs it was a vital piece of learning for them. Following the session, all children completed a reflective piece of work in their PSHE books. 

Week beginning 26 September 2022.


We have continued with World War 2 in Topic and have looked at rationing and how difficult it was to feed a family during the war.  Our Year 6s are really enjoying this topic and we look forward to the upcoming 'Make do and mend' where we will be learning how to sew.


We are enjoying the book Holes in English and have written a letter as if we were Stanley Yelnats.  We will post some of these next week.


We continue with classification in Science and will be looking at how to classify different organisms.



We read The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.  We chose our favourite quote and illustrated it before finishing it in watercolours.

Week of 19 September.

Year 6 have been working on WW2.  This week, we covered what it would have been like to be an evacuee.  We considered what evacuees would have taken with them and wrote a postcard home conveying the emotions that the evacuees may have felt.  Next week we will be focusing on rationing and trying to plan a weekly menu for a family.


In English, we have started a new novel, Holes.  We have been writing descriptive paragraphs and making predictions based on the beginning of the story.  For the remainder of this half term, we will continue to focus on this text, using it to inspire the children to write in a range of styles.