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Autumn term

Week Beginning 23.9.22

In Maths this week, we continued with our work on place value but we move onto adding next week.

In ICT, we began some simple coding using the Scratch Program and in R.E., we continued learning about Sikhism and the Amrit ceremony.


Both classes are really enjoying Science. This week we had fantastic discussions about different groups of animals and then had a go at sorting lots of animals into groups. I think everyone is pretty excited about the Zoo Trip and seeing the real thing. We definitely have some future Zoologists!


Week Beginning 19/9/22


This week we have been continuing with our work on the Rain Forest, in Art, English and Geography.

We added some fantastic drawings to our Rain Forest display.

On Friday, we supported Jeans for Genes Day and hopefully helped to raise lots of money for a very good cause.

Following on from their research work on our late Queen Elizabeth during ICT last week, the children were able to put their facts to good use. The children either made posters in their history books depicting facts and pictures about the Queen's life or they worked in groups and made large posters with their facts written out neatly on pieces of paper. Below you can see examples of their poster work. 

Week Beginning 12.9.22

The Year 4 children have been researching the Queen's life this week. They went to the ICT suit where they looked up facts and made notes. These notes will be used for a history activity later on where they will be written up in more detail.


The children were also given white squares of paper to write and draw on, either a message to the Queen or the Royal Family. These will be then stuck into a large book containing messages from the whole school. The book will then be taken to Buckingham Palace and Miss Holland will take a photo of it there. The book will be returned to school so that we can keep it as a reminder of the passing of the Queen. The children have been very proud to be part of this touching tribute to an amazing lady.


A huge welcome back to all of Year 4 (Lime and Whitebeam Classes). We hope you all managed to have a fun and relaxing Summer. We are very excited about the next term and thought we'd let you know a brief overview of what we will be learning up until Half Term.


In Maths, we will be concentrating on Place value of numbers up to 10,000 with ordering, comparing and rounding of these numbers and then moving in to addition and subtraction.

In ICT, we will look at E-safety and we have the session from the Two Johns coming up for children and parents. We will then look at software that can be used collaboratively such as Google documents.

In R.E., we will be learning all about Sikhism and the different ceremonies, eg. marriage and baptism.

The theme this half-term for P.S.H.E. and we will be covering Growth Mindset and what makes a good learner as well as how we can all work together in class and as a school.

Music this half term is all about Rainforest music. We will look at body percussion, structure, texture and tempo.

In English we are looking at The Great Kapok Tree book, which is centered around the plight of the Amazon Rainforest. The children will be doing lots of descriptive and innovative writing. 

In Science the children will be learning about 'All Living Things.' They will for example, be looking at habitats and classifying animals into groups.

For French, the topic is 'Presenting Myself,' where they will learning French phrases for greetings and how they are feeling.

Geography continues with our topic about the rainforests. The class will be finding out where the rainforests are in the world, as well as who and what live in them.


All the Year 4 children observed a minute's silence this Friday morning in honour of the Queen's passing. They also watched News Round which sympathetically covered the news of her death and it gave them a chance to talk about it. We plan for them write something up about the Queen in their history books and to also create some artwork, which will be displayed in school as part of a memorial for her.


We are looking forward to getting to know all of the children over the next few weeks.