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Autumn term

Week beginning 5.12.22

Science - Soil

Geography - Volcanoes

In Science this term we have looked at rocks and soils.

This week we looked at the importance of soil and all its different layers. We drew our own cross section of soil and explained what each different layer was.

In Geography this term we have been studying volcanoes. 

We made posters in our Geography books showing what we had learnt this term.


Week beginning 28.11.22

Javelin Throwing

In PE this week we learnt how to throw a javelin. We had to listen carefully and follow these instructions: 


1. Grip the javelin by resting the javelin on the palm of your hand with the point aiming away from your body. If you straighten your arm the javelin should point towards you.

2. Hold the javelin in the middle. 

3. Stand side on and aim with your free arm into the direction you want the javelin to go.

4. Extend your arm and put your weight on your back foot.

5. Transfer the weight to your front foot and release always keeping the javelin aimed forwards.

Week beginning 21.11.22


Geography - Tectonic Plates


We used Oreo biscuits to simulate the tectonic plate movements and the formation of volcanoes.

The top biscuit represented the Earth’s crust and the cream was the mantle where the magma is.

We learnt that there are three different types of tectonic plates: transform, convergent and divergent.

A tectonic plate is a huge slab of solid rock. The Earth's surface is made up of 15 tectonic plates. These plates (slabs of rock) drift around the world up, down and around. The Earth is always changing as the plates move and collide with one another.  


Week Beginning 14.11.22


Tinkering with Scratch


In ICT this week we used a programme called Scratch. Scratch is a platform where we get to make our own programs. In our first lesson on Scratch, we started with choosing a sprite. A sprite is an image that we can move and interact with. We then looked at the different codes which give our sprite commands and 'tinkered' about to find out what they do. We are looking forward to next week when we shall have an opportunity to create loops which will give our sprite repeated commands. 

Week Beginning 7.11.22


Year 3 Remember


We have been learning about Remembrance Day and making poppies that we have displayed in our stairwells outside our classrooms.



We have had great fun learning about humans and animals in Science. This week we learnt about how our muscles work in pairs, contracting and relaxing to make our limbs move.

We had great fun making a model of a moving arm to show how biceps and triceps work.

Week beginning 31.10.22


Active Maths

This week we have been learning how to use the column method for addition. We added two digit and three digit numbers using this method. On Friday, we ended the week with an Active Maths lesson in the hall where we had to move around different stations using our new skills to solve worded problems. It was fun getting out of the classroom and getting active with our learning!





Week beginning 17.10.22


Stone Age Stories


We have spent the last two weeks planning our Stone Age story, where we go back in time to the Stone Age. This week we wrote our story, making sure we included all the events we had planned and new punctuation and grammar we had learnt. We worked hard on making sure our handwriting and presentation was neat and tidy.

Week beginning 10.10.22

Stone Age Workshop


This week Charlotte from Epping Forest District Museum came to visit us. We took part in an amazing workshop which gave us a hands on opportunity to explore real artefacts from the Stone Age. Charlotte told us all about life in the Stone Age and showed us a timeline which helped us understand how long the prehistoric period was. 

Many of the artefacts came from our local area, including a woolly mammoth tooth from Waltham Abbey!

Week beginning 3.10.22

Stone Age Art

We had lots of fun creating our Stone Age cave paintings.

We completed them in stages using stencils, oil pastels and water colours. 

How many different animals can you see? 

Week beginning 26.9.22

Over the last few weeks we have been reading The Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. This week we created story maps to help us remember the important parts of the story so we could retell it. Here are some examples of our work.

Week beginning 19.9.22


We had great fun taking part in our Sport's Day events this week. We took part in lots of different obstacle, sprint and relay races. We cheered each other on and thanks to our PTA, we enjoyed a nice ice lolly afterwards.  Thank you PTA!


" I loved the relay because I got to be in a team"


" I saw my friend running really fast, I was shouting and clapping for him!"


" My best bit was running under the big parachute in the obstacle race!"




Week beginning - 12.9.22


After the sad news about the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, we were keen to write messages and draw pictures to make our class page in the White Bridge School memorial book. We were delighted to see that our book had been taken to a park near Buckingham Palace where it was displayed amongst the floral tributes.








Week beginning - 5.9.22


It has been an exciting time settling back into school and beginning our KS2 journey!

This week we have been busy learning about The Stone Age and how people lived during this time.

Our new book is called: Stone Age Boy and it tells the story of a boy who travels back in time to the Stone Age and makes a friend called Om. We wrote predictions about what we could see in pictures from the story.